Quanzhou Kai Lang Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, the company is located in the "China brand capital" - Jinjiang, Fujian.
Brand Story
HOO children's wear jeans brand story: HOO fashion cowboy, began in sixteen, 1995 years focused on the production of young children's jeans...
The company has always maintained "the interests of customers first" principle, to quality and price than for the core competition...
Notice on the identification of the "HOO" trademark as a famous trademark in Fujian Province Quanzhou trade and Industry Bureau...
HOO children's wear jeans brand story:
Hoo began in 1995, is the English "OWN OURSELVES HOLD" acronym, translated into Chinese is "to adhere to their own style".

Hoo Chinese translation means "cheers, happy, children find novelty cheered, symbolizing a child of unknown world exploration activity.

"Good body type" is a high degree of core competitiveness of HOO. Hoo for children of different body sizes developed "body type" jeans, regardless of what body of children can find suitable size. At the same time, Hoo European design style to the original flavor of the build version of the classic cowboy type.
21 years of its establishment, Hoo attention to children's cowboy and match products, with unique advantages of "body type, a good version of the type" access to the market's strong approval.

As a focus on the juvenile field, to adhere to the cowboy category of juvenile cowboy expert, HOO know how to cowboy, to give life to the cowboy. HOO understand the trend of teenagers like the trend, the personality of the dress needs, understand the parents eager to give their children the most comfortable wearing experience. Hoo to hunts culture to bring children, let every child to maintain their own interests and personality, become a sunny, happy of Hoo cowboy Sunkist, and parents together to guide their children more independent, confident, transfer love and dreams, accompany each child is healthy and happy, bravely and persistently growth.